Ale of the Week: Southern Tier’s 2xOne

The Nugget hop and its descendents, especially Mosaic, smell and taste like mangos, mint, and lemon. That tropical flavor transports me to a beach in the Caribbean. It’s an incredibly unique experience. SouthernTier

This hop’s taste differs from Cascade’s classic resin flavors in that it is more fruity. I call these “juicy hops” as I always think of mango juice when I smell them. For all who dislike the resin of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, consider beers with Nuggets or Mosaics.

Troegs’s Nugget Nectar and Terrapin’s Mosaic Volume 19 exemplify these the most directly.  I’m adding Southern Tier’s 2014 2xOne Single Varietal Ale to that list as well.

The 2xOne is a fascinating project; Southern Tier brews a new beer every year with only one type of malt and one type of hop. This year, it created an IPA with Special Pale Malt and Mosaic hops.

I was expecting something more malt-forward, but this beer was delicious. It’s definitely an India Pale Ale, as the malt itself disappears behind the massive heft of bitter lemon citrus and sweet mango notes. The carbonation is simple, becoming present immediately but disappearing quickly.

2xOne—Southern Tier Brewing Company, Lakewood, NY

Color and Appearance: A bronze yellow, light gold; bottle conditioned, thus has small bits of brewer’s yeast floating around in the glass

Aroma: This beer must have been dry hopped because the aroma is completely dominated by tropical fruit. Mango, lemon, a hint of mint, grapefruit. Delectable.

Taste: This is an IPA. The bitterness comes on strong on the tongue, but it is balanced by a refreshing minty aftertaste. I was hoping for more pale malt.

I would drink 2 out of 5 pints of this on a warm spring night because the hops would exhaust me in any other situation. However, this is definitely a great seasonal for hop heads. 

What did you drink this week? 

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